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nornware is an independent game developer based in Mölndal, Sweden, committed to making games full of heart and humor.

With a strong love for sci-fi and fantasy themes, accessible pick-up-and-play arcade action, as well as vibrant video and audio, nornware is exploring the frontier of neo-retro gaming.

The Story

The story of nornware really begins with The UfoPilot, a character implicitly created during a high school coding project (the term was coined when johno asked his classmate Karl-Magnus Troedsson what the game should be called). In 2002 while at Massive Entertainment johno created UfoPilot (2) : The Phadt Menace in his spare time, a game about flying a starship around in caves, blasting enemies, and rescuing tiny prisoners.

Another "UfoPilot" game called Astro-Creeps (a tribute to Asteroids) followed in 2004, and in 2008 a platform game called Bloom (inspired by Knytt). Eventually johno realized that he wanted to be more "serious" about making games, and nornware was started in 2011 upon completion of UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite, a "polished" version of the original. UfoPilot : The Phadt Menace - Special Edition soon followed (more polish!), as well as a remastering of Bloom (with actual "bloom").

In recent years the indie gaming scene has exploded, and johno, feeling both inspired and intimidated, realized that he should focus on making games that feel "bigger" than his previous titles. Since early 2011 he has focused on learning how to make games that take place in actual 3d space, and many projects now exist that are in various states of completion.

nornware submitted Space Beast Terror Fright to Steam Greenlight in early 2015, and that really got the ball rolling. Currently our main focus is evolving Space Beast Terror Fright in Steam Early Access.

The Team

johno design / code / music / sound design / art
"there are worlds in there..."

johno was mainly into music as a teenager, but when he saw Doom in 1993 he totally freaked out and started getting into level design and programming. This eventually led to a move to Ronneby to study Software Engineering where he met with Massive Entertainment founder Martin Walfisz. johno spent 7 years at Massive and worked among other things on the Ground Control games.

johno has an unstoppable creative drive that rarely lets him rest, and believes that personality really matters in entertainment.

current favorite games: